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[B18] Biotinylated Rabbit Anti Irisin Polyclonal Antibody


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Host Species: Rabbit
Concentration: 1 mg/ml (OD 1.35 / 280 nm)
Antigen: Recombinant Irisin constructed from the coding sequence of mouse (NM 027402.3).
Purification: Affinity purified
Buffer: 75 mM Sodium Phosphate, 75 mM NaCl, 0.5 mM EDTA, 0.02% NaN3, pH 7.2

Mouse, Human. Dilution for Immunoblot & ELISA range: 1,000 to 4,000. Centrifuge before use.

Use: The antibody can be used for detection of Irisin in plasma, immunosassays, immunoblots.
Storage: -20°C for long-term storage, 4°C for short- term storage. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Form: Freeze dried powder
Stabilizer: 10 mg / ml Bovine Serum Albumin.


and Storage:

Freeze-dried product should be stored refrigerated until opened. After opening, restore to suggested ml volume with distilled water. If it is not completely clear after standing for 1-2 hours at room temperature, centrifuge the product. It is stable for several weeks at 4°C as an undiluted liquid. Do not use for more than one day after dilution. For extended storage after reconstitution, we suggest aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing; or the addition of an equal volume of glycerol to make a final glycerol concentration of 50%, followed by storage at -20°C. The concentration of protein and buffer salts will decrease to one-half of the original after the addition of glycerol.


*These products are for research or manufacturing use only, not for use in human therapeutic or diagnostic applications.


The exercise-inducible myokine Irisin (Boström, et al. 2012) is secreted by cleavage from the transmembrane precursor, FNDC5. Circulating Irisin govern a wide variety of cellular processes relevant to browning, angiogenesis, wound healing, bone mass, and metabolism.

Boström, et al. 2012. A PGC1-α-dependent myokine that drive brown-fat-like development of white fat and thermogenesis. Nature, 481: 463-468

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