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[A13] Rabbit Anti-Human Apolipoprotein CIII Polyclonal Antibody


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Host Species: Rabbit
Concentration: 1 mg/ml (OD 1.35 / 280 nm)
Antigen: Human Apolipoprotein CIII
Purification: Affinity purified
Buffer: 75 mM Sodium Phosphate, 75 mM NaCl, 0.5 mM EDTA, 0.02% NaN3, pH 7.2
Specificity Specifically binds to human apo CIII. Dilution for immunoblot and ELISA range: 1,000 to 40,000.
Use: The antibody can be used for detection of apo CIII in plasma and lipoproteins, immunoassays, immunoblots, enzyme conjugation, or biotinylation.
Storage: -20°C for long-term storage, 4°C for short- term storage. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.


*These products are for research or manufacturing use only, not for use in human therapeutic or diagnostic applications.



Apo CIII contains 79 amino acid residues. The m.w. is 8.7 kDa (Brewer et al., 1974).

It may inhibit the activation of lipoprotein lipase by apo CIII. Apo CIII is a constituent of both apoB- and apoAI-containing lipoproteins in the circulation. Apo CIII plays a pivotal role in regulating the plasma metabolism of VLDL, IDL, and LDL, primarily by inhibiting receptor-mediated uptake of these lipoproteins by the liver (Sehayek and Eisenberg 1991, Aalto-Setala et al., 1992, Zheng et al., 2007)

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